pasternak i muchkap 2016




July 1, 2017

Muchkapsky, Tambov Oblast     Flag Russia

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The Festival of Poetry “Pasternak and Muchkap” is held annually on the first Saturday of July. Since 2013, festival participants gather in the village of Muchkap to read Pasternak’s poetry and to discuss his impact on both Russian and world literature. The festival commemorates the literary heritage of the Nobel Prize winner and celebrates that intangible link that connects Pasternak to the village of Muchkap. In 1917, Pasternak made several trips to visit his beloved Elena Vinograd-Dorodnova that forever linked the poet to the village. At the center of this connection is the Muchkap railway station where Pasternak made a brief stop in 1917. Today the only monument to the great poet in Russia stands on the square near the Muchkap railway station. Moreover, in 2016, the Boris Pasternak Museum opened its doors to those who seek to learn more about Pasternak’s life and his connection to Muchkap.

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The Boris Pasternak Museum opened its doors in the Muchkap region