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The 2nd Festival of Poetry "Pasternak and Muchkap" was held in the Muchkap region on June 28, 2014.

The opening ceremony was held at the central sqaure of the village of Muchkap. After the speeches by A.A. Khoruzhyi and the guest of honor, S.N. Vityutin, everyone laid flowers next to the monument of Boris Pasternak. After the ceremony, Pasternak poetry readings and the discussion "The Role of Pasternak in Russian Culture" took place in the District House of Culture. Following these activities, Pasternak poetry readings and the presentation of A.A. Mishin's collection of poems were held in the Music Room of the A.M. Murav'eva School of Arts. All participants received certificates of participation at the end of the festival.

Media about the 2nd Festival of Poetry "Pasternak and Muchkap"
July 2, 2014
True connoisseurs of Pasternak's poetry

...Sergei Mikhailovich Murashko, Muchkap, pensioner:  - All my adult life I have been writing poems and participating in various poetry readings. Unsurprisingly, when I learnt about the Festival of Poetry "Pasternak and Muchkap," I could not help taking part in this event. Last year I participated in the first festival, today it is my second festival. I specifically wrote a poem dedicated to this festival and to Boris Pasternak and  his priceless poetry. 

Sergey Vityutin, Moscow, the initiator of the Festival of Poetry "Pasternak and Muchkap":   - I am immensely proud that a great Russian poet, Boris Pasternak, wrote poetry in my home land, the village of Muchkap. I'm doing everything possible to make his work well-known to my countrymen. I could not miss this festival ...
June 24, 2014, 8:40
Balashov residents are invited to the Festival of Poetry "Pasternak and Muchkap"
In 2013, the village of Muchkap hosted the 1st Festival of Poetry "Pasternak and Muchkap." Residents of Balashov not only actively supported the organization of the festival, but also actively participated in poetry readings and other activities.
Welcome to the 2nd Festival of Poetry "Pasternak and Muchkap"!
Date: June 28, 2014 ...

Source:Website of the municipality Balashov



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